Handlebar Upgrades Part 3


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Video Download: Handlebar Upgrades Part 3

Fix My Hog brings you Handlebars 101. This set of videos will help you bring comfort and style to your Harley-Davidson®. Whether you like ape hangers or drag bars, you will need to remove stock handlebars and install new. Take your time — this can be a labor intensive project especially if you go with higher bars than your stock set-up. When you change the height of your bars you have to be aware that you may need longer cables and wiring. These DVDs will give you many must-have tips and step-by-step help in creating the look and ride you want! You should check your state and local laws to see if there are restrictions on height. 54 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Tips on Extending Handlebar Wires
  • Tip on Pulling Wires Through Handlebars
  • Installing the Mini Ape Hangers
  • Braided Clutch Cable Install
  • Harley Clutch Lever Housing and Grip Install
  • Harley Handlebar Wiring Connectors
  • Harley Throttle By Wire Grip and Master Cylinder Install