Harley-Davidson 6-Speed Transmission Rebuild DVD


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DVD: Harley-Davidson 6-Speed Transmission Rebuild

The Harley 6-Speed has been in service since 2006, when it was introduced to the Dyna family. Higher road speeds made this a necessity for Harley-Davidson. This video project will show you how to rebuild your Harley 6-speed and will provide you a great walk through if you plan to swap out for an aftermarket transmission.

This DVD has a total run time of 84 minutes.

Part 1: Our Tech, Mike Roen, is ready to overhaul the Harley-Davidson 6-speed transmission. Mike takes the time to demonstrate what can be done to remove a race that has walked its way toward the transmission. He also demonstrates the best way to replace the shift shaft seal for final assembly.

Part 2: In this video, we start by removing the 6-speed transmission fill plug. You will see everything from removing the clutch release cover and transmission top cover, to learning how to remove the gear set and shift drum. Finally, Mike will head over to the press to remove the door bearings.

Part 3: We have the Harley 6-speed transmission is on the workbench for disassembly, cleaning, and inspection. Mike will work on the removal and replacement of all bearings. We will head back to the press to press in the counter-shaft and main shaft. We then reinstall the gearset back into the case.

Part 4: We continue with the 6-speed transmission project with the step by step process of removing the main drive gear. Once properly serviced, or the purchase of a new one, we show how to reinstall with new beatings.

Part 5: We are almost ready to install our 6-speed gear set back into the transmission case. You will get tips on how to inspect your shifter pawl properly. Once that is done, you will learn to finish the install with the proper torque sequence.