Harley Transmission Upgrade Bundle

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Bundle: Harley 5 Speed Transmission Upgrade Bundle

This bundle has all you need to maintain, repair, or overhaul your Harley 5 speed transmission. Including 2 DVDs with over 2 hours of detailed help, PLUS you’ll get THREE great shop items that will help you work on your transmission and many other procedures on your bike. The value of these shop accessories is over $34 when sold separately.

Harley Transmission Upgrade 2-DVD Set

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There are many reasons to tear into your stock Twin Cam Harley 5 speed transmission. You might want to rebuild your transmission, fix a leaking gasket/seal, or even swap the pulley. This video series will help you do just that.

Some riders want more than a stock 5 Speed Harley transmission. In this video series, we remove what HD gave us and install a JIMS Fat5 transmission as an upgrade. Watch Bob & Mark go step by step as they strive to get more out of this motorcycle with bigger, stronger gears allowing it to endure engine power and torque increases. 135 minutes.

Harley Transmission Upgrade Project, Part 1 – 58 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • Rear Tire, Drive Pulley and Inner Race Removal
  • Shifter Fork Removal
  • Transmission Removal
  • 5 Speed Transmission Main Drive Gear Removal
  • Countershaft Bearing Removal
  • BONUS CHAPTER:Drive Assembly Removal
  • Harley Transmission Upgrade Project, Part 2 – 77 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Countershaft Bearing Install
  • Transmission Main Drive Gear Install
  • Fork Shaft Hole Removal
  • Transmission Install
  • Transmission Side Cover Install
  • Pulley Install
  • BONUS CHAPTER: Chrome Inner Primary Install
  • Form-a-Funnel® Flexible Draining Tool

    Patented tool diverts oil from the filter around skid plates, cross members, headers, or other obstacles for no-mess oil-changes. Quickly bends, molds and holds any shape so you can create the perfect channel for draining liquids.

  • Moldable alloy core encapsulated in thick, pliable nitrile rubber can be reshaped and reused thousands of times
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Creates a leakproof seal around filters or drains
  • Impervious to automotive fluids and works in temperatures from -30˚F to 425˚F
  • Use with nearly any vehicle or equipment: cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, forklifts, generators, snow blowers, mowers and more
  • 7 Function Digital Multimeter

    This versatile 7 function digital multimeter provides precise measurements and tests for a variety of electronics. This multimeter tests AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, transistor and diode, battery test. Features an easy-to-read digital LCD display and automatic zero adjust.

  • Test AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, transistor and diode, battery test
  • Features an easy-to-read 3-1/2 digit LCD display
  • Automatic zero adjust
  • Resolution: 1999
  • Comes with battery and two 32 in. test leads
  • Mini Pick and Hook Set – 4pc

    This versatile pick and hook set is great for for getting small parts from tight places, removing “O” rings and reseating gaskets. The high-visibility, screwdriver-style handles offer plenty of control and precision.

  • Get into tight places to remove O-rings and gaskets
  • High-visibility screwdriver-style handles give better control