Hogger How-To 3-DVD Set + FREE Loctite Hi-Tack Gasket Dressing Stick


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Bundle: Hogger How-To 3-DVD Set + FREE Loctite Dressing Stick

Hogger How-To 3-DVD Set

We cover a lot of ground here at Fix My Hog and we came up with this DVD set to shed some light on Harley carbs, S&S Carbs, service items and upgrades. The carburetor has been an important part of the HD since day one. You have to get your fuel delivered to your engine in the right matter. We show you complete rebuild on the HD carbs and of course the aftermarket world is always looking to improve on OEM. We take you through rebuilding one of the top selling aftermarket carbs from S&S.

Bob and Mark will also walk you through wheel bearing R&R and proper kickstand maintenance. They hear what you don’t with this audio upgrade. They will show you an upgrade for your stock HD audio system that is easy to do with the right tools and patience.

How-to Maintain a Stock Harley® Carburetor – 75 minutes

Does your Harley-Davidson® have an issue when starting? Does fuel leak from the bottom of the carb? You might have to take it apart and give it a good cleaning or better yet a proper rebuild.

  • We take a look at tearing it down with Bob LaRosa as he brings us through the clean-up and tear down of a stock Harley carburetor. Take your time and work clean. Make sure all debris is cleaned off carb before you start to remove any parts.
  • As you remove the parts, set them aside and mark them for reference before you start to rebuild the carburetor. Once everything is cleaned up and laid out on the bench, Bob LaRosa will also walk us through the stock Harley carburetor rebuild.
  • You will need the right jets for your set-up. You will need all new gaskets and your parts laid out on the bench and ready to install. Work clean and take your time.
  • Beyond the Basics: Wheel Bearings, Radios & Kick Stands – 91 minutes

    This DVD will bring your wrenching skills to a new level with some beyond basic procedures.

  • Sealed wheel bearings on your Harley-Davidson® are supposed to make things easier for us. Now we do not have to pack grease into the bearings like before and this saves us a maintenance step. Here’s the rub, the axle can start to seize to the bearings or the bearing can start to seize to the hub. Bob shows us the not-so-easy job of replacing sealed wheel bearings.
  • For many riders, anything electrical on a motorcycle can be just as frightening as a deer jumping in front of you at 70 mph. If you are one of those guys, this DCS (Direct Connect) audio system upgrade is built just for you. The installation of the DCS kit truly is plug-and-play. There is no need to splice and solder anything. This audio upgrade uses the same connectors as your factory system and it utilizes your bike’s existing wiring to power the amplifier.
  • The Harley® kickstand spring is a critical part of your motorcycle. Without it your Harley-Davidson kickstand will not work and you will not be able to stand your motorcycle up. Do not pull at the spring you can hurt yourself, the spring and damage your motorcycle. Here’s the proper way to do it.
  • How-To Rebuild an S&S Carburetor – 97 minutes

    It’s harder and harder to find a stock carburetor installed on a Harley® today. Many stock Harley carbs have been modified or removed and replaced. Here’s a video that shows you how to remove an S&S Carb and how to rebuild it. Bob LaRosa removes the S&S tear drop cover, the filter, breather bolts, backing plate, VOES tube, throttle cables, and intake bolts. ***Cover you chrome surface to keep this a rebuild not a repair procedure.

  • Remove an S&S Super E Carb and how to rebuild it. Bob LaRosa has the carb on the bench and gives it a good cleaning before tearing it down. He removes the inlet nipple (we will update it), drain plug, float bowl, jets, and all pieces of the carb. Keep all the parts you remove on a clean towel, label them, so you can compare to the new ones you have in the kit.
  • Remove an S&S air cleaner, install new gaskets and intake manifold. From there the carb body goes on, backing plate, air cleaner and tear drop cover.
  • FREE Loctite Hi-Tack Gasket Dressing Stick ($6.50 Value)

    Formulated to work like Loctite Hi-Tack Liquids, these wax-like sticks are less messy, have a low odor, and are solvent-free. Loctite Hi-Tack sticks set up quickly to a very tacky film, to seal and hold the heaviest gaskets in place. They resist gasoline, oil, and common shop fluids. Suggested applications include valve covers, fuel pumps, carburetors, and manifold gaskets.