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Video Download: JIMS ForceFlow Cylinder Head Fan

Why run hot? There are a few options when it comes to cooling the V-Twin. Here is a Harley Davidson engine cooling fan by JIMS. Make sure to view our expert full installation video of this product. 49 minutes.

JIMS Black Forceflow Cylinder Head Cooler

• Brings down cylinder-head temps up to 100 degrees F
• Runs automatically with thermostat sensor or can be turned on/off manually
• Smartly designed to mount to horn location with horn relocating inside of housing
• Housing, fan, horn, mounting hardware and wire included

Included Items:
(1) Cylinder head cooler with 5 in. wire harness with (1) four male pin connector and (2) male spade connectors
(1) Wire harness with inline fuse, (1) Ring terminal, (2) female four pin connectors, thermostat with mounting bracket and (1) relay switch
(1) Lower mounting bracket
(1) 5/16 in. washer with name plate
(1) 5/16 in.-18 x 4 1/4 in stud
(1) Isolator with (2) 1/4 in.-20 x 1/2 in. studs
(4) 3/8 in. spacer washers
(1) 5/16 in.-18 x 1 1/2 in. hex head bolt
(1) 5/16 in.-18 acorn nut
(1) 1/4 in.-20 acorn nut
(1) 5/16 in. spacer washers
(4) 5/16 in. flat washers
(2) 1/4 in. flat washers
(3) 5/16 in.-18 hex nuts
(1) 1/4 in.-20 hex nut

JIMS ForceFlow Instruction Sheet part I
JIMS ForceFlow Instruction Sheet part II

Available at Dennis Kirk.
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