Milwaukee Eight Touring Maintenance DVD


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DVD: Milwaukee Eight Touring Maintenance

The Milwaukee Eight (M8) is an exciting platform from Harley-Davidson® . Now that you have purchased a well-engineered machine, you need to keep it on the road and running the way HD designed it to. This video series follows a variety of service items. Our seasoned technicians bring you step by step through the process of servicing your Harley M8.

Along the way you will gain important information that our technicians have learned while skinning their knuckles on these fine machines. They service, upgrade and repair these motorcycles all day, every day. They’ve seen it all or almost all and they share the good and the bad stories with you. This way, you can avoid any pitfalls and save time and money.

So grab your year / model manual and learn from the pros how to service your Milwaukee Eight Touring model. 200 minutes.

Some of the 35 procedures covered include:
• Check Operation of Electrical Equipment and Switches
• Checking Harley Tire Pressure and Inspecting Tread
• How to Remove Milwaukee Eight Gas Tank
• Inspect and Replace Front Harley Brake Fluid
• Replace Harley Engine Oil and Filter
• Replace Various Lubricants
• Check Engine Coolant
• Clean Harley Radiator
• Harley Coolant Replacement
• Inspect Rear Brake Fluid Levels
• Inspect Rear Brake Pads and Discs For Wear And Replace
• and more from your service interval chart