This Old Harley – A Tribute Book to the World’s Greatest Motorcycle

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Book: This Old Harley – A Tribute Book to the World’s Greatest Motorcycle

Millions of loyal Harley fans can’t be wrong. With their distinctive styling and sound, Harley-Davidson motorcycles have won the hearts of people-from all walks of life and from all over the world. This Old Harley captures just what it is about Harleys that makes them so popular. This anthology is a tribute not only to the legendary piece of machinery, but also the stories, history, and lifestyle behind its rise as the world’s most popular bike. If you’re still in awe of the first Harley you saw, still riding and wrenching on Harleys, or still dreaming of Harleys, then this book is for you. 160 pages.

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

  • The Bike in the Barn, or, What My Folks Didn’t Know, Didn’t Hurt. . .
  • “No Motorcycles Allowed”
  • First Harley

Chapter 2: Making History

  • My First Motorcycle. . .and What it Led to
  • Catching Up on History
  • Black Leathers and a Stiff Upper Lip

Chapter 3: On the Road

  • In Pursuit of the Unholy Grail
  • A Work in Progress
  • Riding Through Time: A Knucklehead Returns Home

Chapter 4: Daredevilry

  • Hell Driving
  • Evel Ways

Chapter 5: Legends

  • Once Upon a Time in the Wild West
  • The Billy Bike: Re-Born to Be Wild

Chapter 6: The Mystique

  • V for Victory: How Harley Conquered the World
  • This Motorcycle Way
  • The Perfect Vehicle

Contributors include Evel Knievel, Arlen Ness, Peter Egan, Harry V. Sucher, Allan Girdler, Melissa Holbrook Pierson, David Edwards, Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum, and more.
Edited by Michael Dregni