Prep Your Harley for Paint 2-DVD Set

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2-DVD Set: Prep Your Harley for Paint

Painting your Harley is not something you will do every year. It is something that will come up as you customize or even repair your Harley. Maybe you have a ding on your gas tank or fender that needs attention. You might be doing a full blown restoration project. These videos are here to show you how!

Whether you want to freshen up a tired paint job or give your ride its own distinctive look, you’ll save time and money by removing your own parts. Properly removing fenders, fuel tanks and even the oil tank without damaging them is an important first step. However, knowing how to reinstall them is crucial to doing the job right. This great 2-DVD set will take you step-by-step through the removal, cleaning and installation processes, including all the pro-tricks to ensure success. 143 minutes.

Prep Your Harley for Paint Part 1 – 56 minutes


  • Front Fender Removal
  • Front Fender Hardware Removal
  • Rear Fender Removal
  • Twin Cam Fuel Tank Removal
  • Prep Your Harley for Paint Part 2 – 87 minutes


  • Fuel Gauge Removal & Replacement
  • Evo 2 Piece Fuel Tank Removal
  • Twin Cam Harley Oil Tank Removal
  • Evo Oil Tank Removal