Softail & Dyna Maintenance 7-DVD Set + FREE Motorcycle Saddle Pack

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Bundle: Softail & Dyna Maintenance 7-DVD Set + FREE Motorcycle Saddle Pack

Softail & Dyna Maintenance 7-DVD Set

For the rider who’s ready to learn it all, our value bundles offer you the benefit of all the DVDs for your Harley-Davidson® at our best prices. You’ll get the Maintenance DVDs Part 1 & 2 as well as the Bolt-On Edition, plus the Softail Rear Belt Removal & Replacement DVD, giving you a total of nearly 15 hours of instruction in this package!

Softail & Dyna Maintenance Edition Parts 1 and 2 (3-DISC Set) – 280 minutes

This educational do-it-yourself Softail® & Dyna® maintenance DVD will help Harley-Davidson® owners become proficient in routine upkeep. This DVD covers Softail & Dyna models from late 1984 – Present (Evo®, Twin Cam® 88, 96, 103, 110). When we released the original Fix My Hog® maintenance DVDs, we couldn’t have anticipated the reaction from critics and customers alike-it went so far beyond our wildest expectations. Since then, letters, calls and e-mails have poured in from around the world suggesting additional topics we should cover, so that’s what we did. These follow up DVDs cover new procedures and technological advances (Twin Cam® 88, 96,103, 110) and are a great complement to the original versions. A great way to Fix My Hog and save money in today’s economy.

Disc 1 Chapter Topics:

  • Charging System Check
  • Drain Fluids
  • Clutch and Primary Adjustment
  • Fluid Replacement
  • Spark Plugs
  • Front Fork Fluid
  • Carburetor/ Throttle Cables
  • Rear Caliper and Brake Pads
  • Rear Axle and Belt Adjustment
  • Front Caliper and Brake Pads
  • Safety Check
  • Evolution Differences
  • Disc 2 Chapter Topics:

  • Intro
  • Tools & Products
  • Oil & Transmission Fluids (Showing Dyna Oil Pan)
  • Primary Fluid Change
  • Air Filter Replacement with K&N High Flow Filter
  • Front Caliper and Wheel Removal
  • Fork Fluid Service – Removing fork from motorcycle
  • Front Wheel & Caliper Re-Install / Front Axle Alignment
  • Rear Shock Adjustment / Rear Wheel and Caliper Removal
  • Custom Rotor Install
  • Rear Wheel Re-Install & Alignment
  • Rear Brake Pad Install / Belt Tension
  • Safety Check & Fluid Level
  • Disc 3 Chapter Topics:

  • Custom Front Caliper Install
  • Bleeding Brakes
  • Steering Head Bearing Adjustment
  • Cam Chain Tensioner Shoe Inspection
  • Updated front caliper brake pads – 2008 and newer
  • Updated rear caliper pad install & bleeding – 2008 and newer
  • Air Cleaner Upgrade to K&N
  • Lubrication of Throttle Cables
  • Springer Front End Inspection
  • Softail & Dyna Bolt-On Performance Edition (3-DISC Set) – 408 minutes

    This DVD series is designed to show riders how to enhance the look and performance of their Softail® and Dyna® model motorcycles. Taped in a professional motorcycle repair shop, the trained mechanics perform and explain each procedure in detail. The Bolt-On Performance and Accessory DVDs feature footage of installations applicable to Evo®, Twin Cam® 88, 96, 103, 110 motorcycles. This three-DVD set is crammed with more than six hours of valuable instruction, interviews and insider tips.

    Disc 1 Chapter Topics:

  • Intro
  • Tools
  • Barnett Clutch Cable
  • Barnett Throttle Cables
  • Wimmer Air Intake
  • SuperTrapp Mean Mothers and Phantom Exhausts
  • Goodridge Brake Line
  • Power Commander
  • Interview w/ Chris Maida about Performance upgrades and the EPA
  • FAQ w/ manufacturers
  • Disc 2 Chapter Topics:

  • Barnett Clutch Cable #2
  • Barnett Throttle Cables #2
  • Mikuni Easy Carburetor Kit
  • Wimmer Air Intake
  • Goodridge Brake Line #2
  • Headwinds Custom Headlight and Passing Lamps
  • Dakota Digital Gauge
  • Dynojet Thunderslide Jet Kit
  • Disc 3 Chapter Topics:

  • Chrome Inner Primary
  • Barnett Scorpion Clutch
  • Barnett Polished Outer Primary
  • HHI Chrome Front End
  • HHI Chrome Caliper
  • Goodridge Brake Line #3
  • Barnett Clutch Cable #3
  • Barnett Throttle Cables #3
  • Mikuni Full Carburetor Kit
  • SuperTrapp 2:1 Exhaust
  • Harley-Davidson Softail® Drive Belt R&R – 210 minutes

    This is the longest Softail procedure we have done to date. The Harley-Davidson Softail® rear belt replacement DVDs are over 3 1/2 hours. You will need to review some of the maintenance & performance videos and read your factory service manual before getting into this project. You will need to have all your tools, parts and gaskets ready before starting the procedure. Give yourself plenty of time and grab a buddy to help if you can.

    Chapter Topics:

  • Seat, Floorboard, Battery Removal
  • Shifter Linkage, Derby Cover, Primary Cover Removal
  • Primary Drive, Starter & Inner Primary Removal
  • Exhaust, O2 Sensors, Caliper and Tire Removal
  • Swing Arm Pivot Bolt, Front Transmission Sprocket Removal
  • Rear Belt, Final Drive Pulley Removal
  • Inner Primary Spacer, Transmission Case Seal & Main Shaft Seal Removal
  • Seals, Final Drive Pulley, Drive Belt Replacement
  • Swing Arm Installation
  • Tire Installation
  • Axle Nut, Caliper Installation & Belt Tension
  • Transmission Fill & Exhaust Install
  • Floor Board Install
  • Inner Primary and Final Drive Installation
  • Clutch Adjustment and Primary Cover Installation
  • Floor Boards, Battery & Seat Install
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