Sportster Maintenance 3-DVD Set + FREE Form-a-Funnel

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Bundle: Sportster Maintenance 3-DVD Set + FREE Form-a-Funnel

Buy the Sportster® Maintenance How-To DVD Set and get a Forum-a-Funnel® flexible draining tool FREE!

Learn how-to maintain and repair your Harley-Davidson Sportster. Our 3-DVD set walks you step by step through all your service intervals. No need to take it to the shop. You ride it and you can wrench on it. From fluids to neck bearing adjustment, we show you how. Once you mastered the basics you can move on to changing your own drive belt.

Sportster Maintenance DVD (2-DISC set) – 180 minutes

This educational do-it-yourself Harley Sportster® maintenance DVD covers the Evolution Sportster® engine from 1986 – Present, including the rubber-mounted Evolution Sportster® engine. It shows each procedure in detail by a factory trained, experienced mechanic.

DVD Features:

  • Tools and Products
  • Seat Removal & Battery Check
  • Fluid Service / Clutch & Primary Chain Adjustment
  • Spark Plugs
  • Throttle Cable Lubrication & Adjustment / Air Filter Replacement / Enrichener Cable Service
  • Front Fork Oil Service
  • Steering Head Bearings Lubrication and Fall Away Adjustment
  • Front Brake Caliper & Pad Service / Bleeding Brakes
  • Front Tire Removal & Replacement
  • Rear Brake Caliper & Pads
  • Rear Tire Removal & Replacement
  • Rear Wheel Alignment
  • Rear Shock Adjustment & Drive Belt Service
  • Belt Deflection
  • Safety Check
  • BONUS Material

  • 2000 – 2003 Front & Rear Brake Caliper Service
  • 1999 – Older Single Piston Front & Rear Brake Caliper Service
  • Inside the Primary Case & Primary Chain Tight Spot
  • Battery Care
  • Draining Fuel Tank & Filter Service
  • Rider Safety Tips
  • Hollister, CA Rally
  • Sportster Rear Belt Replacement DVD – 96 minutes

    This is the longest Sportster® procedure we have done to date. Now that you know the basics, it’s time to put your knowledge to this test with this advanced DVD. So grab all of your tools, parts and gaskets and get ready to start the procedure! Give yourself plenty of time and grab a buddy to help if you can.

    DVD Features:

  • Seat, Battery, Rear Caliper & Axle Nut Removal
  • Exhaust, Rear Shock Bolt, Belt Guard, Axle, Tire,Pulley Cover,& Belt Removal
  • Front Drive Pulley, Seal Removal & Seal Replacement
  • Front Drive Pulley Install
  • Belt, Belt Guard & Pulley Cover Install
  • Rear Tire & Axle Install and Belt Deflection
  • Exhaust Install
  • Rear Caliper Install
  • Battery & Seat Install
  • Preview Video: Click Here

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