Sportster Performance Upgrades Part 1 Video Download



Video Download: Sportster Performance Upgrades Part 1

The Harley lifestyle is all about customization, making your Hog your own. There are hundreds of cool add-ons that are available for each Sportster. No matter if yours is right off the showroom floor or came out of a basement, you can customize it. The number one bolt-on upgrades are in the stage one family. The exhaust, air intake and getting the fuel mixture right with remapping your EFI.

This video series brings you into the shop and details step-by-step how to remove what you have on your Sportster and how to install new. The choices seem endless and this allows you to bring your style to your Sportster and get some performance gains for the well-earned money you shell out.

Grab your year / model service manual and follow along with our team as we add some great looking parts to this stock Sportster to change its appearance and kick out some more horsepower.

In This Series:

  • Overview
  • Air Intake Review
  • Air Intake Install
  • Performance 2-into-1 Exhaust Review
  • Stock Exhaust Removal
  • New Exhaust Bracket Install
  • Performance 2-into-1 Exhaust Install
  • EFI Mapping Unit Review
  • EFI Mapping Unit Install