Sportster Rear Belt Replacement DVD


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96 minutes

This is the longest Sportster® procedure we have done to date. You will need to review the Sportster maintenance videos and read your factory service manual before getting into this project. You will need to have all your tools, parts and gaskets ready before starting the procedure. Give yourself plenty of time and grab a buddy to help if you can.

DVD Features:

  • Seat, Battery, Rear Caliper & Axle Nut Removal
  • Exhaust, Rear Shock Bolt, Belt Guard, Axle, Tire,Pulley Cover,& Belt Removal
  • Front Drive Pulley, Seal Removal & Seal Replacement
  • Front Drive Pulley Install
  • Belt, Belt Guard & Pulley Cover Install
  • Rear Tire & Axle Install and Belt Deflection
  • Exhaust Install
  • Rear Caliper Install
  • Battery & Seat Install
  • Preview Video: Click Here