Stator Removal and Replacement & Harley Compensator Upgrade

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DVD: Stator Removal and Replacement & Harley Compensator Upgrade

In this video, we demonstrate a Harley Davidson stator OEM removal and replacement with a 50 amp upgrade. The demands on the battery and charging system keep growing, and this upgrade will keep your battery up to snuff.

We will cover a compensator upgrade with Baker’s Compensator Upgrade, which has borrowed from the tried and true pre-2007 cam lobe geometry. However, it has also added modifications to the motor shaft extension and developed a Harley compensator sprocket, as well as a spring cup that includes oil passages in them. This allows for plenty of oil to lubricate the compensator’s cam lobes. The Baker design not only eliminates clunking, but also improves function and adds extended durability. Upgrade yours with this step by step video!

Total Run Time: 75 minutes

Stator Removal and Replacement

  • Stator Removal
  • Upgraded Stator Install
  • Harley Compensator Upgrade

  • Harley Compensator Upgrade
  • Sprocket removal
  • Upgraded Compensator Install
  • Primary Cover Modification