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Touring Edition – Maintenance & Performance 12-DVD Set + Loctite 5-Stick Kit

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Bundle: Touring Edition – Maintenance & Performance 12-DVD Set + Loctite 5-Stick Kit

For the rider who’s ready to learn it all, our value bundles offer you the benefit of all 12 of the DVDs for your Harley-Davidson® Touring model at our best prices. You’ll get the Maintenance DVDs Part 1 & 2 (3 discs), the Bolt-On Performance Edition (3 discs), the Touring Rear Belt Replacement, the Touring Oil Cooler Install DVD, Touring Rushmore (2 discs), and the Milwaukee Eight series (2 discs). That’s over 25 Hours of detailed procedures.

Here are the details:

Touring Maintenance Part 1 (2 Discs) – 210 minutes

Part 1 Covers Twin Cam and EVO
This educational do-it-yourself Touring maintenance DVD covers all brands of Harley-Davidson® Touring motorcycles. From late 1984 – 2016 (Evo®, Twin Cam® 88, 96, 103, 110) we have your Road Kings, Ultras, Electras, and Road/Street Glides covered. This DVD will pay for itself with just one oil change.

Touring Maintenance Part 2 – 90 minutes

Part 2 covers Twin Cam 88,96,103 & 110
When we released the original Fix My Hog® maintenance DVDs, we couldn’t have anticipated the reaction from critics and customers alike-it went so far beyond our wildest expectations. Since then, letters, calls and e-mails have poured in from around the world suggesting additional topics we should cover, so that’s what we did. These follow up DVDs cover new procedures and technological advances (Twin Cam® 88, 96, 103, 110) and are a great complement to the original versions. A great way to Fix My Hog and save money in today’s economy.*Note we do not cover the Rushmore or M8 changes on this DVD set.

Touring Bolt-On Performance (3 Discs) – 416 minutes

This DVD series is designed to show riders how to enhance the look and performance of their Touring model motorcycles. Taped in a professional motorcycle repair shop, the trained mechanics perform and explain each procedure in detail. The Bolt-On Performance and Accessory DVDs feature footage of installations applicable to Evo®, Twin Cam® 88, 96, 103 & 110 motorcycles. This three-DVD set is crammed with more than six hours of valuable instruction, interviews and insider tips.

Touring Oil Cooler Install – 55 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • Introduction
  • Product & Tools
  • LED Install
  • Oil Filter Removal & Oil Adapter Install
  • Oil Cooler Mount Installation
  • Oil Cooler Installation
  • Oil Line Installation
  • Thermal Switch & LED Wiring
  • Oil Filter Installation
  • Touring Rear Drive Belt Replacement – 168 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Battery Cable Removal
  • Primary Cover Removal
  • Primary Drive, Starter & Inner Primary Removal
  • Exhaust, Caliper and Tire Removal
  • Swing Arm Assembly, Rear Belt, Final Drive Pulley Removal
  • Seal Removal
  • Seal, Final Drive Pulley, Drive Belt Replacement
  • Swing Arm Installation
  • Tire Installation
  • Axle Nut, Caliper Installation & Belt Tension
  • Transmission Fill & Exhaust Install
  • Floor Board Install
  • Inner Primary and Final Drive Installation
  • Clutch Adjustment and Primary Cover Installation
  • Floor Boards, Battery & Seat Install
  • Touring Rushmore (2 Discs) – 216 minutes

    Fix My Hog brings you the Project RUSHMORE Twin Cooled 103ci maintenance videos. HD updated the Touring model Twin Cams before switching to the Milwaukee Eight. This video series brings you step by step through the new features and more importantly how to maintain this model on your own. Bob LaRosa and Mark DiPietro take you into the shop and show you how they service the Project RUSHMORE. They share their many years of experience and all the tips and tricks Fix My Hog members have grown accustom to.

    Milwaukee Eight Touring Maintenance – 200 minutes

    In this video, you will gain important information that our technicians have learned while skinning their knuckles on these fine machines. They service, upgrade and repair these motorcycles all day, every day. They’ve seen it all or almost all and they share the good and the bad stories with you. This way, you can avoid any pitfalls and save time and money.

    Milwaukee Eight Touring Performance Upgrades – 154 minutes

    Harley keeps on adding cubic inches, horsepower and torque, but we always want more. The Harley lifestyle is all about customization, making your Hog your own. There are hundreds of cool add-ons that are available for each M8, and no matter if yours is right off the showroom floor or came out of someone else’s garage, you can customize it. The number one bolt-on upgrades are in the stage one family. The exhaust, air intake and getting the fuel mixture right with remapping your EFI.

    Loctite 5-Stick Kit ($65 Value)

    One of the most significant innovations in the 50-year history of Henkel Corporation – SOLID formula Loctite(R) Thread Treatment Sticks. Now conveniently packaged in a Loctite Stick kit designed to give you five products in one box. Upside down, right side up, or any angle in between, these Sticks deliver!

    Kit Includes One of Each of the following items:

  • Loctite(R) Blue Threadlocker Stick 19gm
  • Loctite(R) Red Threadlocker Stick 19gm
  • Loctite(R) PST(R) Thread Sealant Stick 19gm
  • Loctite(R) Copper Anti-Seize Stick 20gm
  • Loctite(R) Silver Anti-Seize Stick 20gm