Touring Oil Cooler Install DVD


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DVD: Touring Oil Cooler Install

My wife and I love our new ride! Just have one question; why does it run so darn hot?

Over the last 110 years Harley-Davidson motors have been getting bigger and bigger to create more power and with that comes more heat. Extreme engine heat can be generated when our air cooled Harley ends up in a day of traffic or even on the road during the summer. One solution is to add a heat exchanger or oil cooler. This simple system will take the oil away from the engine, run it through a series of coils and with the help of a fan, it will cool the oil before returning it on its’ route through the oil filter. Many systems even have a thermostat that allows the fan to kick on at a set temperature of about 220 degrees. Bob and Mark walk you through an oil cooler install step by step. They show you all the mounting, plumbing and even the placement of a “System On” LED. Sit back grab a cool one and get ready to cool your Hog. 55 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • Introduction
  • Product & Tools
  • LED Install
  • Oil Filter Removal & Oil Adapter Install
  • Oil Cooler Mount Installation
  • Oil Cooler Installation
  • Oil Line Installation
  • Thermal Switch & LED Wiring
  • Oil Filter Installation
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