V-12 Brake Bleeder


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Fix My Hog® and Phoenix Systems bring you a great deal on the V-12 Injector.

You’ve seen Bob & Mark use it on the Fix My Hog DVDs and it makes bleeding your brakes effortless. Learn how to bleed Harley brakes. The easy to use V-12 provides a smooth pump action and a rubber grip for increased comfort and handling. It is made of high strength Zytel-nylon, offers a 12 ml stroke and is designed for light to medium use. The V-12 lnjector is designed to inexpensively perform RFI, vacuum/pressure bleeding and master cylinder bench bleeding. It has a small piston diameter that provides high hydraulic advantage. The V-12 can develop 125 psi, with comfortable hand force. The V-12 has improved ergonomics with a cushioned grip. To increase functionality a quick coupler was integrated into the end cap and the dosage adjustment was simplified. The V-12 was also designed to be compatible with all types of brake fluids including D.O.T. 3,4,5 and synthetic blends. The handle and body are made of high strength Zytel (glass reinforced nylon) which imparts metal like strength while retaining light weight comfort.


  • 12 ml/injection stroke
  • Zytel body
  • Clutch & brake applications
  • Lowest price on the internet
  • High hydraulic advantage
  • Re-buildable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable injection stroke
  • Full modular capabilities
  • Comes with its own carrying case
  • Universal CAPADAP cap adapter ( 2” round cover for master cylinder )