Welding 101


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Video Download: Welding 101

Bob LaRosa has been in a mechanical and auto body related capacity his entire career(life). The strong working knowledge that he has comes from years of not only rebuilding but modifying internal combustion engines. His background also includes a very extensive education in welding of all types (MIG, TIG and Arc). Bob LaRosa started out as a welder and this is a process and technique that he enjoys using and developing. This video is an introduction to just another one of his many passions. Sit back and learn from a pro so you can start using these techniques in your own shop to fix and fabricate.

MIG welding is done using a small electrode that is fed continuously, while the operator controls the amount of weld begin done. The cost of equipment has come down dramatically over the years and is now within reach for most auto restoration hobbyists. But before getting started MIG welding, Bob shows us some important key safety information, to ensure our time in the shop is safe and enjoyable. Welding helmets, Gloves, eye protection, ear protection and respirators are just a few of the important safety equipment items you need to know about, not to mention, cleaning solvents, work area and electrical shock hazards.

Learning the safe way to do anything in the shop, should always be a top priority, rather than trying to discover a safe way to do things after an accident has occurred.54 minutes.

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