Acadia National Park: See Maine the Right Way

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Witness the Atlantic Ocean’s immense coastline in all its glory at Acadia National Park. Maine’s first national park is also the United States’ oldest national park established east of the Mississippi, as well as the one of the northernmost national parks in the Lower 48. Salt-sprayed ocean air and glacier-kissed slopes meet in Acadia National Park, where each morning America first greets the sun.

Begin at the center

Visitors often kick off their journey to this national park at the base of Mount Desert Island, known as Acadia’s “heart and headquarters.” This plot of famous land was christened “The Island of the Deserted Mountain” by French explorer Samuel de Champlain when his crew’s ship ran ashore by accident, establishing Acadia’s extensive history as one defined by unexpected discoveries.

Similar to a wayward explorer, if you venture to Mount Desert Island, you might stumble upon any number of small surprises such as Somesville, a secluded port town that maintains traces of its colonial past and nurtures some of the fossils of great American eras.

Maintained by its proud citizens, this community by the sea works diligently to preserve its long history. Somesville has been frequented through the years by renowned thinkers and creators, whose representations of the park’s inspiring terrain and incomparable colors will continue to bring tourists to the shores of Maine for as long as the park continues to amaze.

The ever-changing Acadia National Park

Tiptoeing out from the center of Mount Desert Island and spanning several microclimates, Acadia National Park crawls for miles and features pockets of human residency, a variety of evolving plant and animal ecosystems as well as the Atlantic’s tallest peak. In fact, Cadillac Mountain’s summit is, at certain times of the year, the first spot in North America catch a rising sun.

Learn how to plan your trip to Acadia National Park and discover the beauty this national park has to offer by visiting Acadia’s website.