Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Video Review

Duration: 4:53

Man oh man! I wish I had all these great tools in my home shop. Bob LaRosa gives a a video review of the Black Widow Professional Motorcycle Shop Kit from Discount Ramps. Everything you need to maintain and upgrade your Harley-Davidson in a safe and professional environment.

Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Table – When you want the best – then the Black Widow Prolift heavy duty motorcycle lift table is the one for you! With its huge 1,500 lb capacity you’ll be able to service bikes of all sizes – Harleys, cruisers and choppers are no problem for this extra long 9-1/2′ table. Foot pedal operated, this table will effortlessly lift your ride up to 31″ high for easy access to all parts. This Black Widow motorcycle lift table also includes features not found elsewhere at this price – an adjustable front wheel chock, a 20″ long attachable loading ramp, rear drop out panel and more. We’ve even included a separate lift jack so you can service without using the lift table. Includes front wheels to easily roll your lift around the shop! Be the envy of all your buddies!

Black Widow Tire Bead Breaker – This hand operated tire bead breaker is an essential tool for any motorcycle or automotive shop and garage. The black widow motorcycle lift bead breaker lets you remove frozen or rusted beads from all types of tires – releasing the air from the tire and making it simple to remove from the rim. Features include a black powder coat finish for rust resistance and an extra-long padded handle for added leverage. Works for all motorcycle, trailer, or other small vehicle tires. You can work on the ground or secure it to your Black Widow motorcycle lift.

Black Widow Wheel Balancer and Truing Stand – Ever wonder why your bike has more vibration than it should? It might be that your tires are unbalanced. Fix them with the two-in-one motorcycle balancer and truing stand from Black Widow. Wheels are placed on the steel axle and tested for irregularities. If the tire is unbalanced, it will fall to the bottom. Weights are then added to the “light” side to even out the wheel. The truing arm and cones also reveal if a tire is out of lateral alignment. Accommodates bike tires up to 7″ wide and 35″ in diameter and includes 30g of lead-free weights.

Black Widow Shop Seat – Eliminate back strain, knee pain and fatigue with the Black Widow Shop Seat. It’s got it all – a foam-padded seat, pneumatically adjusted height settings, a bottom tray to hold your tools and best of all – it’s mounted on five high quality casters for easy movement. This black widow motorcycle lift is a ‘Must Have’ for any shop! Load up your Harley on the Black Widow motorcycle lift and you can work standing up or sitting down – comfort!

Black Widow Motorcycle Dolly – Moving and storing your bike is a cinch with the Motorcycle Dolly from Black Widow. The 94″ long track includes a loading ramp and kickstand plate that adjusts to your bike’s size. This track glides along five double caster wheels and easily slides into those tight corners that used to be difficult to get into.

Eight 2″ Tie-Down Straps – Safely transport your bike with the eight-piece set of 2″ straps. This set includes two cam buckle straps, two ratchet straps, and 4 soft loops for scratch-free cycle security. The heavy duty straps have vinyl coated S-hooks with a break strength of 3,000 lbs.

Rechargeable LED Work Light – Our portable LED rechargeable work light is perfect for safely working in your shop, repairs on the road, or any emergency situation. Kit includes 120V wall and 12V car chargers – 4-5 hour life when fully charged, 1.5 hour recharge time. Made with a lightweight plastic casing that is resistant to oil, water and shocks.

Battery Tender Junior – The last thing you want when planning a road trip is to start off with a dead battery. Keep your battery charged when not in use with the Battery Tender Junior. The 12V trickle charger completes a four-step charging program and automatically switches to a safe, float mode after a battery is fully charged. Two solid LED lights indicate when a battery is fully charged.

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2 Responses to “Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Video Review”
  1. GEOFF

    I bought one of the cruiser dollies. Putting it together was no problem. Getting the bike on the dolly was initially a challenge but after a few load/unload it’s much easier now that I’m used to it.

    Now, when the bike (an 850lb Road King) is on the dolly I can get it move, with substantial effort. I moved the bike/dolly into the position I wanted so that I could push it sideways against the wall. The back wheels are in the forward position and they won’t move. I’ve tried pushing on just the back end and they are stuck in place, making this rather useless for me.

    Any suggestions? I thought of oiling the bearings on the casters but they’re new so I didn’t think that would be needed. And of course I don’t want to drip oil onto the casters themselves.

    Thanks for any help you can provide. -Geoff