Denali National Park: Experience the Majesty of Alaska

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Duration: 4:56

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Revolving around the continent’s tallest mountain and split in two by a single road, Denali National Park is home to some of the most stunning views dominated by landscapes undisturbed by human triumph. In Denali, fresh air and the beauty of life are bottled and distilled, and the vast unknown waits to be discovered.

What should you do at Denali National Park?

Denali National Park sits a stone’s throw from the very heart of Alaska’s miraculous and unending wilderness. From your balcony, you can witness wildlife at its most natural. Ice-cold lakes and rivers glow on the horizon in the burn of the sun, while over your head towers North America’s tallest peak. Known to the rest of us as Mount McKinley, locals call the peak at the center of this massive mountain range “Denali,” which is derived to mean “The High One.”

Should you decide to go for a stroll amongst the 6 million acres of diverse wilderness that comprise this national park, you’re liable to play witness to the native grizzly bears’ hunting practices or the travelling and melting process of Alaskan glaciers. You might also stumble upon a fractal of crawling streams and heart-pounding rapids or, if you choose to take on one of many challenging hikes, be amazed as you look down on a mirror image of Mount McKinley cast upon the crystal surface of Wonder Lake.

How can you get around on wheels?

If you’d prefer to take the lonely 92-mile road to reach the core of Denali National Park, you’ll almost certainly discover scenes that cause you to coo with delight when you get off the bike or step down from the tour bus.

Stonyhill Overlook, Teklanika River and Polychrome Pass are only some of the tourist-friendly locations to hit in Denali National Park. They’re perfect spots for observing the dreamlike scenery and wildlife you thought you’d only ever see on TV. Plus, if you’ve got the gall to get a little uncomfortable and find something truly unique, we recommend veering off the gravel path and burning your own trail!

While you explore Denali, be on the lookout for sunbathing birds and marching moose—you never know what waits around the bend in Denali National Park. If you need suggestions or tips for your next trip to Denali, take a look around the park’s website to get going.