Dimple Drain Plugs

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Bob LaRosa goes into more detail about an excellent product that can be an addition to every model Harley Davidson. The Dimple magnetic drain plug is made to replace the factory drain plugs on your Harley Davidson.

Made in the United States, Dimple drain plugs are far superior to the factory drain plugs. Dimple uses the most powerful, high grade, rare Earth magnet that is commercially available. It is 1,500 times more powerful than the magnet on a stock drain plug. The o-ring on a Dimple drain plug does not need replacement. The base of the plug head where it meets the aluminum case is tapered 15° so that the drain plug itself seals the oil. The o-ring is only a secondary seal and teflon paste, or sealant is completely unnecessary. Dimple drain plugs are even currently being used for some military applications.

The magnet is important for drawing and collecting particulate matter that becomes suspended within the oil. Parts wear due to friction, especially when constantly moving against or across one another. Even with diligent maintenance and quality oils, wear is inevitable. The more particulate that can be scavenged, the more longevity a motor, transmission, or primary drive will have.

Dimple not only has direct replacement drain plugs in a variety of sizes, they also have their “Super Black Hole Magnet” for your oil filter. These magnets are used to aid the oil filter in collecting particulate. By simply spacing the four, high powered magnets around the outside surface of an oil filter, the oil filter will collect and hold far more particulate between regular oil changes.

The ability to keep oils cleaner, for longer will greatly extend the life of your Harley Davidson.
Watch some of Bob’s demonstrations. It’s basically a no brainer.

Pick up Dimple drain plugs for your next oil change.

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