Draining Harley Davidson Transmission Fluid on a Touring 103

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Duration: 12:41

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In this video, we go through changing transmission fluid on the Rushmore, Twin Cooled 103. This service point is straightforward, with very few steps but it is of utmost importance that it is completed correctly. Underfilling, or overfilling your transmission can cause serious problems for your motorcycle.
Start by removing your transmission fill plug/dipstick from the top of the trans case, and setting it aside. Next, prepare a drain pan and use a 5/8″ socket to remove the trans drain plug. The drain plug is located in the oil pan. It is the plug located closest to the trans side cover, towards the right side of the motorcycle.

The drain plug has a magnet on the end of it. Inspect it before cleaning it. A little paste-like metallic substance is common from normal wear. Always replace the drain plug O ring and prep the threads with Loctite teflon paste. Begin installing the drain plug by hand; then, snug and final tighten 14-21 ft lbs.

The six speed Harley Davidson transmission fluid case will typically hold approx one quart of oil. It is best to use a clean funnel and pour in approximately 7/8 of a quart into the case; then check the level and top off, if necessary. Give the level one final look after running the motorcycle. Reinstall the fill plug and tighten 25-75 in. lbs.

Following the service schedule in your factory service manual is a must. Over the years, you will have the need to change your transmission fluid many times over. It is important that this is accomplished correctly; every time.

Watch this video to see how it’s done. Learn some tips, do it yourself and SAVE MONEY.

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