EBC Brake Pads Review

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Overview of EBC EP Extreme Performance Sintered Brake Pads

Sometimes we feel like we are riding a big, fast freight train and if EBC brakes can stop on of those they sure can stop our Harley. Bob LaRosa reviews the pads in this video before we install them.

* Has the highest friction rating possible in a pad – 0.6 – for strong, fade-free stopping power
* Pad blend includes molybdenum metal and tungsten additives to enhance friction performance for the life of the pad
* Gone are all the nasty additives like LEAD and cheap and nasty stuff like iron or steel elements that cause rotor stiction and outline etching of bikes when parked in moist atmosphere
* Super fast bed in, friction builds to the 0.6 rating after 10-15 stops in race use
* Perfect stability over our 300 stop Daytona rig test
* Extremely low in stop variation
* Great heat cycling ability

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Watch Front and Rear Installation Here:
Front Brakes Twin Cam 103
Harley Davidson Brake Pads Change: Rear Brakes on a Twin Cam 103

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