Installation of a Cobra fi2000 PowrPro tuner

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Duration: 37:18

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You put on that awesome looking high flow air cleaner and free flowing exhaust and now you need to tune your air / fuel mixture. Why not do it 80 x a second with CVT? What is CVT you may ask? Continuously Variable Tuning every time you open the throttle optimizes the acceleration air / fuel mixture, under every kind of load and under all existing conditions.

Our experts will show you how to:

• Remove the gas tank (you only need to lift it)
• Disconnect the fuel injectors
• Locate Fi2000 in battery box
• Wire in the Fi2000 – plug and play
• Confirm module functions
• Install gas tank and seat
• Go for a ride

Product Page: Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro

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