FMH LIVE: HD Stereo System

Duration: 54:39

This month, Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal snagged a 2019 Street Glide(55 miles on it) to demonstrate, fumble and discuss many elements of the Boom GTS. Learn along with Tommy on how to properly program your stereo via Bluetooth (no PC required), plug and play harnesses, and discuss frequency response, and sound processor. Most importantly, he covers how to properly flash your HD radio for better sound, performance and customization. This is a must watch for all you Hoggers to enhance or modify your HD stereo. It was a new system to us and we plan to have another video coming soon as we get to play with it some more.

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4 Responses to “FMH LIVE: HD Stereo System”
  1. Robert Toner
    Robert Toner

    i live in canada my 2014 limited is in kilometers. can the computer show in miles per hour when i am in the states

    • Dennis Santopietro
      Dennis Santopietro

      Yes, Tommy goes through a couple setting that you can change from metric to US.

  2. Teddy K
    Teddy K

    Hi, Thanks 4 the how to vid, but, how about not seeing ur mit in front of the screen as well as the camera angle n zoom would be so much appreciated. You said at the start that you can hook your iPhone and Android to the boom box 6.5 gts????? I was looking at a few videos from numerous dealers stating that there is no hookup for an Android phone, I was especially was looking at the new Triglide 2019. ??.?? Can you verify that. Thanks again Teddy K…

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service


      You can connect any Android on 2019 HD Boom Audio system through bluetooth.