Haleakala National Park: Home of the House of the Sun

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Few places in the world boast the same magnetic allure as Hawaii. Between its diverse ecosystems and bewildering vistas, there’s just something special about America’s island escape to the west. Each of Hawaii’s isles welcomes millions of visitors every year who come in search of that something special, a chance to disconnect and feel a little closer to Mother Earth. One of the most popular destinations on our island state is Haleakala National Park, and you can tell why with a single glimpse at the views and adventures on display at Haleakala. Come along as we take a tour of this spectacular place!

Bask in the golden aura of Haleakala National Park

Nestled at the north end of Maui, Hawaii’s second largest island, Haleakala offers itself up as an eden-like getaway for all who want to unwind. This stunning park is home to elsewhere unseen contrasts between stark volcanic landscape and subtropical rain forest, making it one of the more unique national parks in the United States. Gaze into the nearly eight-mile-long valley, and you understand what it means to find beauty in bleakness.

To truly feel the appeal of Haleakala National Park, visitors should hit the road early and make the predawn drive to Red Hill. Here at Pu’ U’ Ula ‘Ula, Maui’s highest point, you can set eyes upon the House of the Sun, where the first Hawaiians believed the gods placed the sun’s full splendor each morning. Dress warmly, and prepare for wonderment when the first signs of morning flood the valley below. Treat yourself to a bath of breathtaking light at Haleakala!

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