Harley Carburetor Troubleshooting

Duration: 4:33

Bob’s at the bench with your Harley carburetor troubleshooting questions. He gives his suggestions on where to start when you are having fuel delivery issues. He also gets into other issues that might be the issue for a “stumbling” motorcycle.

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13 Responses to “Harley Carburetor Troubleshooting”
  1. Dennis Santopietro
    Dennis Santopietro

    Q: 2003 Sportster 1200, I am having problems with my carb. I put an RV cam in it, and Ultima programmable ignition system. The carb is a Ultima R-2, it has a 062 main jet as it is now I get 53miles to a 3-1/2 gal tank. I would like to know how low I can go on the main jet without starving the motor, and gain fuel mileage.
    Thank you
    Any advice will help
    Bill B

    A: You need try to go down on the intermediate (slow) jet. That is where most of your riding is done. Try dropping one size and see how it goes. If your spark plugs begin to look white, you are too lean.
    If you try dropping down more than 1 size, you should also, then, drop your main jet. If the Jets are too far apart (in size) you will not have a Smooth transition between jets when you really open up your throttle.

  2. Pete Jackson
    Pete Jackson

    Your Harley carburetor troubleshooting is not working…there is statement in the video window that the video is currently experiencing problems, check back soon.
    I was really looking forward to seeing this video as my 883 won’t start. Can you tell me te best chemical solution for soaking carburetors to clean out gunk without having to disassemble the carb. Cheers, Pete

  3. marvin landreth
    marvin landreth

    i have a 1993 flstc. out of no where , the carb started leaking from the float bowl. it looks like it might be coming from around the shaft that operates the diaphram on the side of the bowl. what should i do?


    I just cleaned my carburetor on my 2004 sportser 1200,and now the bike will only run when its choked.

  5. Michael

    Hello, I have a 1990 Harley Electra Glide with only 9000 miles. Bike sat in garage for 1 season without being started. I fired bike up last week started riding after about 4 miles gas started leaking out of carb overflow tube. I nursed bike home removed bowl on carb noticed some sediment. I cleaned all jets and bowl and installed new float seal, started bike same leak, any ideas? Also any way to properly adjust float height without removing Carberator? Thank You very much! Mike.😎

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  6. Sam Pere
    Sam Pere

    I have 2001 electric glide that CV carb. Will not idle unless choke is on, I’ve have replace all the jet clean carb with carb cleaner. What else may be causing the problem.