Harley Cylinder Prep and Install

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Duration: 18:39

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Mike Roen has everything laid out on the bench to put this Harley cylinder and top end back in place for this Twin Cam. We took it apart for some upgrades and a valve job. Since we showed you how to take a top end apart we figured we should show how to put it back together.

Ring End Gap

When your Harley cylinder comes back from the shop you will want to check piston ring end gap. Rings come in a labeled package for a reason. Make sure you follow the directions. Mike will place a ring in the cylinder and press it in with the piston. He will check to make sure it is set to spec.

Tip For Circlip Install

Yes, there is a specialty tool to install the circlip but not everyone can borrow or buy one. Mike shows us how to get the clips in place with some care and patience. Make sure to spin it and make sure it is fully seated. Lube the piston pin and insert to end of piston. Make sure to have your o-rings in place.

Ring Compression

You will need a ring compressor tool, skip going out to dinner one night and get one. Make sure your studs are covered. Install the piston and the pin and the clip on the pin. Rotate clip to proper location. Lube the skirt and install the ring compressor tool in direction stamped on the tool. Make sure the Harley cylinder is cleaned with a little oil on a rag to wipe it clean. Get the piston in the right piston and slide the Harley cylinder over the studs and piston. It is crucial to have the rings in place.

Head Gasket

Use the right one by looking at the part number and size. Numbers facing up and install the Harley cylinder head. Install the bolts per the manual’s diagram. Lube bolts with some oil, install, snug up then use the three step torquing sequence.

In the next video we will install the rocker box.