Harley Davidson Trike Reviews: 103 Trike Introduction

Duration: 3:12

We have had many requests to show Harley trike maintenance. Bob LaRosa starts with a Harley Davidson Trike review and some of the obvious differences along with the ones we do not see at first glance. You will need the Touring model (year specific) manual with the trike supplement to proceed with Harley-Davidson Trike maintenance. We will review several procedures including Jacking Points, Rear Wheel R&R, Rear Brake Pad service, Parking Brake Service, How-To Bleed Trike Brakes and we take a look at the Rear Suspension.

Trike Videos:
Trike Maintenance

Seat Removal

Grips, Floorboards and More

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    Description said jacking points but did not cover it in video. And when I do a search there is no go button after I type in what I need to search

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      Customer Service

      Hello Michael,

      To complete the search click on Enter and your results will show up below. Scroll past the Google Ads to find the results from our site. Here is a link to the results of a search for “Jacking Points.” https://www.fixmyhog.com/?s=jacking%20points


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