Harley Fork Seal Leak Fix

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You may develop a Harley fork seal leak at some point. It’s a rubber seal and they were out and deteriorate over time.

Another Vice

Mike shows us how not to pick up another vice. He uses the motorcycle as the vice to remove the tubes. Make sure everything is clean and free of debris. He’ll remove the fork cap bolt and reviews the o-ring. It’s split and needs replacement. Loosen the pinch bolt clamp and lower the tube and then snug the pinch bolt. Take care on placement. Now you can loosen the fork tube plug. He’ll loosen the pinch bolts and bring the fork to the bench to address the fork seal leak.

To the Bench

Mike has the fork tube on the bench to fix the fork seal leak. The oil has been drained, it is a conventional fork not a cartridge style fork. Grab some safety glasses and remove the circlip, do not damage the chrome. The lower fork screw is 6mm and you need to be careful not to strip it. Drain the rest of the fluid and pull apart. Work clean and keep your parts in order.

Remove Old

You’ll remove the old fork seal, washer and review fork bushing top and bottom, you will be replacing. Make sure your fork tube does not have wear or burrs, you can run some scotch brite along the tube to remove and imperfections and debris.

Install New

Pre-lube your parts, install the lower bushing, top, washer and slider to drive bushing into slider. With lower stop in place slip on the slider and new crush washer on the 6mm screw, with a fork seal driver Mike will seat the bushing. He will lube the fork seal and tape off edge of tube to make sure it does not damage new seal. With that in place he installs new seal and drives in place with tool. You’ll install new retainer clip and make sure it sits in place. He’ll install new fluid and it will be ready to install on the motorcycle.




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