Harley Rocker Box Install

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Duration: 18:07

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Mike Roen has the Harley cylinders in place and is now ready to put the lower Harley rocker box on. Your gaskets are labeled front and rear. Make sure to install correctly. Make sure to remove the old o-ring. Prep your bolts with some blue Loctite and put them in the correct allocation. You will snug then torque them.

Tip: The rear cylinder has less clearance for the Harley rocker box. Take a old 7/16 socket and turn it down so it’s low profile.


Install your pushrod o-rings top and bottom. Clean up the pushrod tubes, lube them and you’re ready to go. Install your pushrods in the correct location. Mike shows how to find the top dead center to move forward with the install.

Upgrade Your Breather Assembly

Your gasket set should come with a new steel breather assembly. You will prep them and install into the support plate. Make sure O-rings are in place and the notch is lined up so the bolt can go through. Pushrods need to be in place then snug and torque.

Tip On Rear Rocker Support Plate Removal

It’s tight so you can take a piece of wood and pry down on the motor since it is rubber mounted. Check it out.

We will do the same on the rear cylinder once the front pushrods are bleed down. Mike uses a “dog bone” low profile tool to torque the bolts since it’s such a tight spot. He’ll put the pushrod tube clips in before we move onto the next step.

In the next video we will install the Harley rocker box covers.