Harley Valve Job

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When You Ship it Out

So you do not have a Serdi machine in your garage and you will need to have a reputable shop do a Harley valve job for you. Or maybe you do and all your riding buds can have you do the work! Mike reviews the Serdi and the specialty tools involved when doing a proper Harley valve job.

This machine keeps balance, level, and the cut even and consistent. Once centered he turns by hand that let’s the machine do the work. He also shows us the use of lapping compound and the 45 to make sure you got a good valve job.

On the bench we look at the valve stem seal update. In 2005 HD went to a 7mm valve stem and new seal. You also want to make sure your valve stem protrusion is correct. Make sure to check out all Mike’s tips here and find the right shop for your Harley valve job. Once you get them back make sure to watch how to put it all back together.