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Inspect Harley Windshield Bushings

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Mike covers the inspection of Harley windshields mounting bushings or grommets. There is only so much you can say about these bushings. They are round, they are rubber, they hold the Harley windshields in place.

Since we are on the topic let’s also consider Harley windshields and their maintenance. The plastic used to make a motorcycle’s windshield is not scratch-resistant like the glass windshield on your car. As a result, you can not clean it the same way. If you let the windshield on your Harley become scratched it will soon become hazy. It will be especially visible when riding into the sun or oncoming headlights.

If you want to make your Harley windshields clean and clear, don’t use paper. Paper towels will only scratch the plastic. Apply warm water and a car or mild dishwashing soap with a soft cloth to soak your windshield before wiping. Avoid glass-cleaning agents such as Windex, or petroleum-based chemicals such as Rain-X and Armor All. There are typically solvents or alcohol in these products that can be harmful to your windshield. To remove scratches, use a soft clean cloth and a fine grade buffing compound. Hand buffing is recommended for most screens.

To help prevent bugs from sticking to your Harley windshields, you can use a polish that contains wax. It is, however, important to check with the manufacturer 1st as the wrong product can “yellow” your windshield.

If you are simply trying to remove a bug that’s stuck to your windshield, it will smear if wet or may scratch if it has dried and hardened. The best way to remove insects from your windshield is to lay a clean, saturated towel on the windshield for a couple of minutes. Let the water soak and soften up your collection. Once the water has softened them up, the bugs can be wiped away easily, using the same wet towel, without scratching the plastic.

Remember not to use any kind of paper towel, as it will cut into the plastic. Follow up with an application of a cleaner-polish. We like Pledge because it’s inexpensive and it fills small scratches. When not riding, you can cover your windshield with an old cotton t-shirt.

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