M8 Harley Switches and Electrical Check

Duration: 4:16

We have the new Milwaukee Eight Heritage Softail on the lift and we are ready to begin a full service as per the factory service checklist.

It is important to run the motorcycle for more than two minutes prior to service. This is important to remember before the motorcycle is strapped down on a lift or already in your home garage. Start the motorcycle outside and let it idle while you prepare your tools, rags, drain pans, etc. No need to have noxious fumes build up in your garage. The fluids will evacuate quicker and more thoroughly when warm.

Turn motorcycle ON to test all Harley switches, lights and indicators, including the:
Front & rear turn signals and turn signal indicators
Four way, hazard lights
Hand and foot brake lights
Low beam, high beam, and high beam indicator
Neutral indicator
Fender tip lamps, if applicable

Checking these Harley switches, lights and indicators is, of course, important for safety purposes. It is also important to note what is or is not functioning prior to doing any kind of service or repair work on your motorcycle. For instance, if you know that your signal lights were fully functional prior to removing and reinstalling your fuel tank, it may be easier to diagnose what may have gone wrong.

Mike gets the M8 Softail ready for service by removing the passenger seat and rider seat. Note that the battery is no longer located beneath the seat. Instead, a large mono-shock is visible. The right side saddlebag is removed by using a T45 torx bit. Remove two long bolts, then pull up and back to release the saddlebag.

Finally, you can unscrew the engine oil fill plug. This will vent the oil compartment and help the oil drain properly.

Next we will begin draining the fluids.

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