Motorcycle Safety Inspection

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A motorcycle safety inspection should be performed before every ride. After a service or repair procedure is performed, a safety check is even more important before heading out on a test ride.

Start with a thorough electrical inspection. Always check for front and rear brake light function. Verify that left and right side turn signals are functioning correctly as well as turn signal indicators.

Check headlight function along with high beam indicator. Check running lights and horn, as well as passing lamps, fender tip lamps, and indicator bulbs on fairing models.

When starting the motorcycle for the first time, it is important to watch for the oil indicator light to turn off and to watch for the oil pressure gauge to indicate motor oil pressure on fairing models. Verify that there is no fuel, oil, or exhaust leaks and that the motorcycle is idling correctly.

Make sure that you have correct lever feel for front and rear brakes and for the clutch lever. Before heading out, turn off the motorcycle to check and set final oil level. It is vitally important to repeatedly check headlight, brake light, and turn signal function before every ride.

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