Tips for Riding with a Passenger on your Motorcycle

Duration: 5:34

Nothing says more fun than two guys on a Harley! Bob and Mark might not ride like this everyday but they wanted to give us some pointers on how to do it right. We shot this video because I asked them what was the #1 paint or chrome issue that they see come in the shop. Take a look.

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13 Responses to “Tips for Riding with a Passenger on your Motorcycle”
    • FixMyHog

      Thank you, glad the videos are helpful. Check back often to see more.

  1. John Falk
    John Falk

    Generally good advice. However, based on a police training course I have
    taken mounting from the right side should be done when you are parallel
    to the flow of traffic; Interstate, main road, etc. When mounting or
    dismounting you are moving away from the flow of traffic. And it is to
    easy to dismount and turn wide from the motorcycle putting yourself
    closer to or into the flow of traffic.

  2. Joe G
    Joe G

    Pretty good video but here’s a couple of thoughts. If you’re mounting from the right side, as if in traffic, don’t step on the right floorboard/peg, just mount the motorcycle as if you were on the left side. Before your passenger mounts, leave the engine off and the trans in first. This will prevent any unwanted rolling of the motorcycle. There’s no need to start the motor ahead of time, even the carb models. When straightening the motor up, use the handle bars as leverage and straighten them last. Lastly, when dismounting, shut the engine down, again leave the tranny in first and then let the passenger dismount. I like the kickstand down when mounting a passenger as well, most people straighten up the bike and then have their passenger mount. Not my favorite thing to watch.

    MSF Instructor
    NYPD Motorcycle Unit, Ret

  3. Lee H.
    Lee H.

    I am unable to disagree with anything you have offered. Great stuff!!!

    However, have you attempted the exact same mount and dismount techniques on a classic or limited with a tour-pack. The left fork lock position is quite troublesome attempting to swing right leg over the seat.

    Enjoy all your stuff.

  4. Nick F
    Nick F

    Very good info. Am now looking for a gracefull way for an old timer to mount a TriGlide Ultra. Pretty high rear seat to throw leg over.

  5. Butch Conrad aka Poppa Smurf
    Butch Conrad aka Poppa Smurf

    I am a left leg amputee lost leg when teen ran stop sign while texting, but I still ride, however your tip is great for someone with two good legs, but I have a real difficult time loading from that side with my prosthetic leg, any tips for loading from the right side? I get on and off but I lift my leg with one hand and swing it over but sometimes I worry about the bike tipping .. thanks for any advice.. butch aka poppa smurf

  6. Brian

    Good information. I’d like to see the same procedure with a King Tour Pak

  7. Rhea Neathery
    Rhea Neathery

    Please show mount and dismount with a tourpak installed. I have a 2018 FLTRU with a back rest, rear arm rest, and a tourpak. Thank you