Sportster Rear Belt Removal & Replacement

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Duration: 1:34:02

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When my dad said he was taking out his belt, we would run for the hills. When Bob and Mark say it, all come near and watch. In this 95-minute video, they show us how to remove and replace the rear belt on the Harley-Davidson Sportster. The final belt can last a long time, mileage wise, but sometimes all it takes is a rock to get stuck in the belt and run through the pulleys a couple times to split it. Always check it when doing service. If you need to change it, grab your laptop, service manual, tools, parts, buddy and get to it.

Video Procedures:
Seat, Battery, Rear Caliper and Axle Nut Removal

*****The service manual states you should follow your negation cable down from battery and remove nut that secures the connector to ground stud on the crankcase boss behind the starter motor assembly.

Exhaust, Rear Shock Bolt, Belt Guard, Axle, Tire,Pulley Cover, and Belt Removal
Front Drive Pulley, Seal Removal and Seal Replacement
Front Drive Pulley Install
Belt, Belt Guard and Pulley Cover Install
Rear Tire and Axle Install and Belt Deflection
Exhaust Install
Rear Caliper Install
Battery and Seat Install