Turn Signal Brake Light Module Conversion Kit

Duration: 2:22

Here’s a fast and easy install to help you stay visible on the road.

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6 Responses to “Turn Signal Brake Light Module Conversion Kit”
  1. David Weeks
    David Weeks

    Installed sinal brake light conversion kit on my 2007 heritage classic with alarm siren and now when key is turned off siren sounds and lights blink as many as 6 times before it quits. Have any idea what the problem is? Tanks!

  2. herb giles
    herb giles

    question on part #69463-06. is this the same as 69463-06b? i’m figuring that 06b is the new updated part # for 06

  3. gville

    I have a 1997 Road King, I installed the stock Harley Turn Signal Brake Light Module Conversion Kit. At idle perfect, when I ride it quickly blows the 15 amp fuse. I replaced the fuse several times, always blows when riding. Can I simply put in a higher rated fuse? If yes, what do you recommend please? Thank you. Bruce