Zion National Park: Where Spirit and Nature Meet Among the Narrows

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Something transcendent permeates the peaks and chasms of Zion National Park. Walking the Narrows and looking out over the reds, pinks and creams of this remarkable landscape is an experience unlike many others, which is why the first Mormon settlers believed it to be a natural temple to God, a heavenly city — Little Zion. When you choose your path here, wherever it may lead, you see a bit of what they saw and you understand what they meant. There’s something special about Zion, and you have to witness it for yourself to truly feel its power. Come along as we show you some of what this peculiar place has to offer its visitors.

“Zion National Park must be the work of some master designer”

Each of America’s protected and preserved national parks is unique, with a history and a stretch of land all its own. But few have held such spiritual significance for its first settlers as well as its daily travelers as Zion.

Nestled near Springdale, Utah, at the junction of Colorado Plateau, the Great Basin and Mojave Desert, Zion National Park is the state’s oldest designated park (so titled in 1919). It is devastatingly gorgeous to look at and move through. It is also home to one of the world’s most dramatic and dangerous hikes, known as “The Narrows.” Those who attempt to conquer The Narrows will find no trail, but instead 16 miles of shallow and frigid waters with swift currents that wind through canyon walls that can be as little as 20 feet apart and as much as 2,000 feet tall. The rewards are immense, but the journey is not for the first timer.

In addition to daring hikers, Zion National Park is also a haven for cyclists, horseback riders and birdwatchers. Among towering biblical relics such as The Three Patriarchs, The West Temple and The White Throne, visitors of Zion National Park who come searching are destined to find their peace and discover whatever spiritual center they’re after. Make your way today!

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