• Swingarm Sub-Assembly Disassembled

    We are moving forward with our frame change project. In this video, we focus on showing the swingarm sub-assembly disassembled. It is preferable to be able to work on complete sections of sub assembly of a motorcycle. All aftermarket chrome covers are removed from the swingarm and axle. *NOTE* Chrome covers can be damaging to…

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  • Softail Shock

    Down and Gets Dirty The Softail shock is one of the most neglected components on a Harley Davidson. Although not easy to access, the shock assembly does require regular maintenance. The design of this shock assembly allows for it to accumulate road debris. The front side of the shock assembly has a number of (aprox…

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  • Harley Front End

    There are a number of reasons you may need to remove your Harley front end. The most common reason is to replace neck bearings and races, or to better service your bearings; especially if your Harley does not have a grease fitting on its neck. Other reasons are: replacing a bent front end, replacing a…

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  • Harley Davidson Swing Arm

    Bob & Mark are ready to begin assembly on the frame swap. The Paughco supplied, Twin Cam style, frame has been painted gloss black. The factory swingarm has new bearings and also has been cleaned up with a fresh coat of paint. That will get us rolling with the Harley Davidson swing arm sub-assembly. Decisions…

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  • Harley Engine

    In this video we take a look at bolting the Harley engine (Twin Cam) into the new Paughco frame. There are a number of ways to safely achieve getting the motor from the engine stand/bench into the cradle of the frame. You can use an electric hoist or a come along from a boom, or…

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  • Harley 5 Speed Trans

    We are ready to install the Harley 5 speed trans into the Twin Cam frame, behind the motor. All mounting hardware should be cleaned and prepped before beginning the install. Setting the transmission into the frame is not difficult but care has to be taken not to scrape the case or the frame while moving…

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  • Harley Davidson Wiring

    Wiring can be confusing and, sometimes troublesome. Harley Davidson wiring harness transfer from one frame to another, can be confusing but that can easily be avoided. It is of utmost importance that photos, diagrams, or notes are taken before disconnecting or removing the harness from the original frame. If you are unfamiliar with Harley Davidson…

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  • 17:41

    This video gives us a look at removing and replacing upper and lower neck bearing races on a Twin Cam Softail frame. Some early model Harleys will have a press in neck cup that fits into the neck of the frame. This neck cup holds the bearing race rather than the frame. The process of…

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  • Bearing Race

    Stay Straight Harley Davidson has been using the same style steering head, neck bearings, bearing race set-up for a number of decades. These bearings are considered conventional. They are serviceable and not a sealed design. They can be maintained. That is these bearings can be cleaned, inspected, and repacked until they are deemed worn, or…

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