• 27:33

    Remove Harley Cams and Lifter Block Covers

    Before beginning to open up the cam compartment, it is important to disconnect your battery ground cable and to drain your motor oil. When the motor work is complete, it is important to start with fresh, clean oil. Also, draining the motor oil before disassembly will result in less oil running out of the Harley…

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  • 11:26

    Installing Cam Bearings

    There is a specialty cam bearing tool that can be used to press the new bearings into the Harley cam plate. The cam bearing tool is meant to be used in conjunction with a hydraulic or arbor press. It is not a big problem if the speciality cam bearing tool is too expensive or not…

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  • 4:38

    Twin Cam Oil Pump Installation

    Whether you are reusing the stock Twin Cam oil pump or upgrading the oil pump, it is very important to thoroughly clean, identify, and inspect all Twin Cam oil pump pieces before assembling the unit and installing it into the bottom end of the motor. The Twin Cam oil pump is a relatively simple assembly…

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  • 10:29

    Installing a Cam Plate Assembly

    The oil pump can be completely assembled on the bench or piece by piece over the pinion shaft. Either way is fine as long as it is assembled with plenty of assembly lube or clean oil and there is never any binding. Install the oil pump o-ring into its location in the crankcase. This o-ring…

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  • 14:36

    Installing S&S Gear Drive Set

    When installing an S&S gear drive assembly, it is important to measure cam gear lash. First, measure gear lash with only the cam gear installed. Then, measure lash with the cam and pinion gears installed. Make marks on the cam gear in four locations; 12, 6, 3, & 9 o’clock. Measurements should be made with…

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  • 25:25

    Install S&S Adjustable Pushrods

    We always like to use S&S adjustable pushrods on our motors. The S&S Quickee pushrod kit (with pushrod covers) is always the best way to go. There are other adjustable pushrod kits available that are less durable than the S&S adjustable pushrods. Also, some kits are difficult to adjust. Many pushrod kits have longer exhaust…

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  • 4:40

    Cam Chain to S&S Gear Drive Cam Kit Conversion Wrap-Up

    A gear drive or hydraulic cam chain tensioner upgrade is an excellent upgrade for any Twin Cam Harley Davidson. During this cam chain to S&S gear drive cam kit conversion, Mike has also upgraded lifters, cam support plate, pushrods, oil pump, and inner and outer cam bearings. S&S Cycle has excellent tech support. Whether unsure…

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