• 2:55

    Check Harley Pinion Shaft Runout

    When considering a gear drive cam chest assembly, the Harley pinion shaft runout becomes extremely important. The manufacturer of a gear drive assembly will always specify a maximum allowance for Harley pinion shaft runout. This allowance should not exceed .003″. It is very important to heed the manufacturer’s instruction and warning. If a gear drive…

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  • 5:35

    Installing S&S Lifters

    There are a a number of quality replacement lifters available for Harley Davidsons. Andrews and Jims are excellent. Fueling and Harley Davidson lifters are also very good. Our first choice, however, are S&S lifters. It can be argued that another manufacturer’s lifters are equally good, but we like to stick with what we know. We…

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  • 7:44

    Installing a Harley Cam Cover

    We are into the final steps of our S&S gear drive conversion for Twin Cams. Before installing the Harley cam cover, it is important to check for correct cam gear clearance against the outer cover. S&S instructions recommend, at least .030″ clearance between the gear and the cover. Mike shows us two different ways to…

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  • 4:40

    Cam Chain to S&S Gear Drive Cam Kit Conversion Wrap-Up

    A gear drive or hydraulic cam chain tensioner upgrade is an excellent upgrade for any Twin Cam Harley Davidson. During this cam chain to S&S gear drive cam kit conversion, Mike has also upgraded lifters, cam support plate, pushrods, oil pump, and inner and outer cam bearings. S&S Cycle has excellent tech support. Whether unsure…

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