• JIMS USA ForceFlow Engine Cooling Fan

    JIMS USA ForceFlow Engine Cooling Fan

    Why run hot? There are a few options when it comes to cooling the V-Twin. Here is a Harley Davidson engine cooling fan by JIMS. Make sure to view our expert full installation video of this product: JIMS Black Forceflow Cylinder Head Cooler • Brings down cylinder-head temps up to 100 degrees F • Runs…

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  • Harley Davdison Cooling Fan Installation

    Harley-Davdison Cooling Fan Installation

    When your Harley-Davidson runs hot, you only have a couple options. You can go old school, pull over in the shade and have a cold adult beverage or you can install something. A Harley Davidson cooling fan or cylinder cooling fan is a great option and they look great. Here are a few facts: 1.…

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