• 5:59

    Planning a Harley Road Trip: MN to FL on a Sporty

    Nate Beck brings us on his Harley road trip from Minnesota to Florida. He’s doing it on his Sportster and documenting it for our Fix My Hog Ride & Rally series. When planning a Harley road trip, it’s all in the details. First you have to make sure your Harley is up for the distance.…

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  • 2:37

    Dyna Kickstand Spring Removal and Replacement

    Today, Steve has a 2005 Dyna up on the lift to demonstrate how to replace the Dyna kickstand spring. Also known as the jiffy stand, the kickstand spring will begin to stretch as it gets older, allowing the Dyna kickstand to sag. This will cause the stand to bounce when going over bumps, and it…

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  • 26:38

    What to Know When Riding an Older Harley

    You just bought an older Harley Davidson. You are anxious to kick start it and blast down the road but there are a number of general maintenance points and inspections that you should address on an older Harley before you ride to help you stay safe and help you get from point A to point…

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  • 7:16

    Understanding Cam Specs: Part 1

    This is the first in a series of videos designed to help you understand cam specs. The principles involved with camshaft operation are the same for any four-stroke gasoline engine. It can be a motorcycle, your riding mower, or your car or truck. These videos, as you might guess, concentrate on the V-Twin pushrod motorcycle…

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  • 5:29

    Understanding Cam Specs: Part 3

    This is the third video in the series of videos to help you understand cam specification. In the first video, we covered the role of the camshaft in a four-cycle engine and how it works. In the second video, we discussed the “big three.” The three most important specifications to consider when selecting a S&S…

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  • 4:48

    Garage Build: Kevin Draper’s Toxic Softail

    Have you seen all the custom bike work at Dennis Kirk’s Garage Build? Here’s an interview with Kevin Draper about his build Toxic. Kevin wanted to build a motorcycle from the ground up that was different than his normal rides. You gotta see this copper front end. Watch our interview with Kevin and read more…

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  • 15:48

    Garage Build: Bill Garcia 1978 Special Construction

    Have you seen all of the custom bike work at Dennis Kirk’s Garage Build? Here’s an interview with Bill Garcia about his 1978 Special Construction. His two sons wanted to reproduce an exact copy of the original chopper or as close as possible to the one he had in 1978. Watch Bill’s great story here…

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  • 7:26

    Garage Build: AJ Bengoa’s Bad Medicine Motorcycle

    Have you seen all the custom bike work at Dennis Kirk’s Garage Build? Take a look at what A J Bengoa from Amarrillo, Texas has built here. He named his rebuild of a 1995 Sportster Bad Medicine and is already planning his next project. Enter you own bike at GarageBuild.com.

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  • 6:57

    S&S Cycle – How to identify S&S Flywheel and Crankcases

    Dennis Schaefer and S&S Cycle have put together an excellent video for understanding and deciphering the S&S Cycle system for coding and identifying their powertrain components. Serial numbers are important when trying to pinpoint key details like build info, engine displacement, bore and stroke, model year, and any other service or possible recall history. S&S…

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