• 4:42

    Motorcycle Shocks vs. Car Shocks: What’s the Difference?

    For more than 30 years, Arnott has been the leader in air suspension, understanding the different needs of automotive and motorcycle air suspension. Their world-class engineers aim to design reliable, time-tested, custom-made suspension products for whatever you ride. There are many different brands and styles of motorcycle shocks available. Harley-Davidson touring models have been sold…

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  • 8:59

    Harley Front Brake Pad Inspection and Replacement

    Harley front brake pad inspection can be accomplished quickly and easily by simply getting a good look at the bottom of the caliper with a good flashlight. Harley Davidson and most aftermarket brake pads have wear bars within the brake pad material. The Harley front brake pads wear bars help to give an indication of…

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  • 0:55

    Inspect Harley Windshield Bushings

    If your Harley-Davidson M8 Softail has a windshield, don’t neglect to take a glance at the Harley windshield bushings during a major service. Usually these Harley windshield bushings will only need replacement after many miles or after removing and reinstalling the windshield a great deal of times. If the Harley windshield bushings are dry, cracked…

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  • 1:13

    Check Front Axle Nut Torque

    Next on Harley’s service checklist is checking for proper front axle nut torque. The front or rear axles should not loosen for any reason on their own. In fact, this is really just to inspect the work of the last person or mechanic that touched this area of the motorcycle. It could even have been…

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  • 6:53

    Softail M8 Air Cleaner Inspection

    The Softail M8 air cleaner on your Harley Davidson needs to be inspected and serviced at every major service. It’s also not a bad idea to simply inspect the M8 air filter when performing smaller services or oil changes. For decades Harley Davidson has vented their motor crankcases directly into the air cleaner assembly. This…

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  • 7:03

    Barnett Product Review

    Barnett Tool & Engineering has been manufacturing some of the best products for motorcycles since 1948. We are happy to be working with a great company that keeps innovating products to make our rides better in several ways including performance. Coil Spring Conversion Kit Lock-up Pressure Plate Low profile lock-up billet pressure plate. Specifically designed…

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  • 23:40

    Air Intake Upgrade to Kuryakyn Hypercharger

    In this video, Tommy covers what is probably the most popular aftermarket air cleaner for Harley Davidson, the Kuryakyn Hypercharger. Kuryakyn has offered variations of their Kuryakyn Hypercharger air cleaner assembly for decades now. The reason for this air cleaner’s popularity is quite obvious. What’s cooler than seeing baffles swing open and closed when you…

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  • 10:49

    Inner Cam Bearing Removal and Replacement

    It is imperative that the inner cam bearing removal is done and they are replaced whenever performing maintenance, repairs, or upgrades to your Twin Cam cam compartment. A specialty tool is needed to, both, cam bearing removal and to replace the cam bearings. Do not attempt replacing these cam bearings without using a tool that…

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  • 7:44

    Installing a Harley Cam Cover

    We are into the final steps of our S&S gear drive conversion for Twin Cams. Before installing the Harley cam cover, it is important to check for correct cam gear clearance against the outer cover. S&S instructions recommend, at least .030″ clearance between the gear and the cover. Mike shows us two different ways to…

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