• 2:37

    How to Kickstart a Harley with a Super E Carb

    So, you wanna kickstart a Harley? Since absorbing the Flathead power brand, S&S Cycle has had an influx of customers contacting their tech support with questions on kickstarting a Harley-Davidson. In this video, S&S Cycle’s Wally Cahill and Bruce Tessmer give us a little insight and a demonstration on how to kickstart a Harley-Davidson with…

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  • 17:47

    Harley M8 Cam Removal Continued

    Mike has the pushrods and the Harley M8 cam cover removed and is ready to move on with disassembly for our S&S cam upgrade. Next in line are the front and rear lifter covers. A 3/16″ Allen is needed to remove the securing hardware. A wobble, or ball Allen will be needed in order to…

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  • 23:24

    Barnett Lock Up Clutch and Extra Plate Kit Install

    Barnett Lock Up Clutch and Extra Plate Kit Mike has a 2010 Road King on the lift and is ready to install the Barnett lock up clutch along with Barnett’s extra plate clutch kit. This innovative lock-up assembly is an excellent performance upgrade. Whether you are riding two up, weighed down with luggage, pulling a…

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  • 7:29

    Vance and Hines Air Intake Install

    Check out this high flow Vance and Hines air intake. They call it the Vance and Hines V02, or Rogue air intake. It will transform the look as well as the feel of your Milwaukee Eight power plant. The high capacity Vance and Hines air intake and filter element is encased behind a sleek looking,…

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  • 6:24

    Vance and Hines FP3 Install

    M8 Re-tune with Vance and Hines FP3 The Vance and Hines FP3 is an innovative tuner that allows you to manage your motorcycle’s fuel system quickly and easily using only your smartphone. The FP3 allows you to easily map your bike for exhaust upgrades, air cleaner upgrades, and even motor upgrades by re-calibrating your ECM…

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  • 16:49

    Harley Six Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 4

    If you have dismantled your Harley six speed transmission to this point, it is probably because you need to replace your Harley main drive gear bearing (sixth gear). Speciality Tool At this point, the main drive gear needs to be removed. To remove this gear, a specialty tool is needed. The tool pulls the gear…

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  • 18:37

    Heated Motorcycle Grips Install: Part 2

    Mike already has the right side heater in position. The heated grips wires and power wires have been snaked through the handlebars and bars have been drilled to accommodate the heater switch and switch wires. With the right side heater wires and the power wires (power and ground) all routed and exiting the left side…

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  • Harley Specialty tools

    Harley Specialty Tools

    When you hear specialty tools you may think of a $200 tool that you may only use once or twice. In this video we walk through some tools that will make Harley Davidson maintenance and performance upgrades a lot easier.

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