• Throttle Cable Lubrication & Adjustment / Air Filter Replacement / Enrichener Cable Service

    Throttle Cable Lubrication & Adjustment / Air Filter Replacement / Enrichener Cable Service

    Bob takes you through the step-by-step process for throttle cable service and adjustment, and air cleaner service or replacement. He discusses the different parts in the throttle system, their specific roles and how to clean and take care of them, then teaches you about the elements of the air cleaner.

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  • 1:27

    Fix My Hog Welcomes Nate Beck

    Fix My Hog is excited to welcome Nate Beck to our crew. You have been asking for rider experience tips and event coverage and we are stepping up with our pal, Nate Beck. He wrenches, welds, plays in a band, goes to school(just landed a welding gig at an aerospace company) and still finds time…

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  • 4:05

    Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

    Nate Beck gives us a look inside the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show 2018. Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is an indoor invitational that connects motorcycles and builders to fans and riders alike. Keeping the fire stoked all winter long. The Show features over 100 motorcycles from builders of all calibers—flat-tracker, hill climber, chopper, and bar hopper.

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  • Harley Davidson Charging System

    Harley-Davidson® Charging System

    Tech review of the Harley Davidson charging system. Here’s an easy way to make sure your battery is charging. Everyone is at your house and ready to ride. You saddle up and CLICK, your Harley-Davidson does not start. Bob and Mark review an easy way to check your battery and make sure it’s staying charged.…

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  • Harley Forward Controls, Shift Lever Removal & Upgrade

    Harley Forward Controls, Shift Lever Removal & Upgrade

    Harley forward controls are on of the most popular upgrades. When you get tired of the rust that builds on the stock controls here’s a nice upgrade. This is also a great upgraded for mid control motorcycles. Bob and Mark take their time and remove the rusted stock shift lever side and replace it with…

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  • Harley Clutch Adjustment and Battery Connection

    Harley Clutch Adjustment and Battery Connection

    New clutch cable and final Harley clutch adjustment to make sure all is operating correctly. Bob connects the battery and gets ready for a test ride.

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  • Harley Davidson Fairing Bracket Replacement

    Harley-Davidson® Fairing Bracket Replacement

    Harley Davidson fairing brackets can snap and cause a shake or wobble to your inner and outer fairing. Our experts show you how to replace the brackets without tearing the whole wiring harness part. We replace the brackets with the use of some common sense and the factory service manual. We replace the brackets and…

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  • Harley-Davidson Shocks – Upgrade to Progressive

    Harley-Davidson® Shocks – Upgrade to Progressive

    In this video we review the Harley-Davidson Shocks and upgrading to Progressive shocks. Bob LaRosa gives a review of the stock Harley shocks and why we might want to upgrade to an aftermarket product like Progressive Suspensions 440 series. Watch the full installation video HERE. Available at DennisKirk.com Overview of Progressive Suspension 13.5 in. Chrome…

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  • Harley Davidson Clutch Removal on a Sportster

    Harley-Davidson® Clutch Removal on a Sportster

    You might be used to adjusting your Harley Davidson clutch but mileage and riding style can demand further work. Sometimes your clutch will stick and a nice cleaning of the plates is all that you will need to do. Sometimes the plates are smoked and you have to replace them. You can replace with stock…

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