• 28:40

    Understanding Cam Specs: Part 2

    In this video we’ll explain what we like to call the “big three.” The three most important specifications to consider when selecting a camshaft for your engine are lift, duration, and intake closing time. Lift The first of the big three is lift. Lift is defined as how far the valve moves off of the…

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  • 1:46

    Checking Harley Tire Pressure and Inspecting Tread

    Mike’s back to the checklist and check front Harley tire pressure and inspect tread is our next move. Determining whether or not you tires are within spec and setting correct tire air pressure are probably the most vital pre-ride safety checks that need to be completed. Although modern motorcycle tires are manufactured to very high…

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  • 18:36

    Heated Motorcycle Grips Install: Part 1

    Heated Motorcycle Grips Extend Riding Season Heated motorcycle grips are a really popular upgrade that most riders would prefer to have on their motorcycle. There are several on the market to choose from. These heaters are also available for, both, a conventional throttle or for throttle by wire. The instructions for heated motorcycle grips are…

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  • 2:27

    Harley Cruise Control Diagnostics

    If your Harley cruise control has an issue, there is an interactive cruise diagnostic test that can be performed on the motorcycle without the need or aid of any diagnostic service scan tools or computer. The Harley cruise control function is governed by the motorcycle’s ECM. The ECM monitors the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) to…

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  • 11:08

    Harley Inner Fairing Removal: Part 1

    1996 – 2013 Harley Inner Fairing Removal Removing the Harley inner fairing on an FLHTC is a complex process. It is a good idea to have a factory service manual and a plan of action before attempting this job. It is also important to set aside an adequate amount of time to start and complete…

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