• 5:29

    Understanding Cam Specs: Part 3

    This is the third video in the series of videos to help you understand cam specification. In the first video, we covered the role of the camshaft in a four-cycle engine and how it works. In the second video, we discussed the “big three.” The three most important specifications to consider when selecting a S&S…

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  • 5:58

    Automotive or S&S Tappets in Your Harley

    A common question at S&S Cycle and Fix My Hog: “Will automotive tappets perform like S&S tappets on my Harley Davidson?” This is not a crazy question, as both these lifters have identical outside body dimensions. In other words; they fit. The answer, however, is no. In this video lesson from S&S Cycle, Bruce Tessmer…

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