• Extending Stock Wiring Harness - Heat Shrink

    Extending stock wiring harness will include using heat shrink to make the staggered connection secure and strong. The heat shrink also reduces the size of the wiring harness so you can feed it through the handlebars. Next Video: Pulling Wires Through Ape Hangers

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  • Tips on Extending Your Handlebar Wires

    Here is an expert video showing tips for extending your handlebar wires. Bob LaRosa reviews the do’s and don’ts for making a solid connection. Always have all the tools and products you need before you start your project.

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  • Pulling Wires Through Ape Hangers

    Pulling wires through ape hanger handlebars can be frustrating. Bob and Mark give use some tips on how to go about it. From getting the pull string through the bars, attaching a guide string and then pulling the wires into the bars. Next video: Adding pin connectors to the extended wire harness

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  • Adding pin connectors to the extended wire harness

    Adding pin connectors to the extended Harley wiring harness is not that big of a job. It does take patience so take your time and do them one at a time. Next Video: Installing Harley Ape Hangers

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  • Tip on Pulling Wires Through Handlebars

    Bob and Mark give us some tips on how to pull that Harley wiring through the handlebars. They remind us perfect practice makes perfect. Why have your first try be on your new bars? Practice on the stock bars and some wiring. Take the extra time and practice before you do the real install. Next…

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  • Installing Harley Ape Hangers

    We now get to installing the LA Chopper Harley ape hangers in this video. We walked you through a lot of the hard parts but we still have some ways to go. Let’s get the apes on and in place. Take a little time and position them so they are the most comfortable. Next Video:…

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